Sean Welsh Brown

Screenshot of Focus app


GitHub: Front-end/Back-end

Focus is a desktop web application I developed to help bridge the gap between productivity and mental wellbeing, using responsive web development to create something that is inviting, organic, and easy to use.

A Meditation timer allows the user to turn their concentration inward, taking the time to concentrate on their breath and on slowing down their minds and racing thoughts.

A Focus timer allows the user to turn their concentration outward, using the popular Pomodoro Technique to heighten productivity in work or study.

Users may also create an account to log in and save their Meditation and Focus sessions to a personal database built with PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails, to view a gallery of past sessions or delete them at will.

Built with:

Screenshot of Fractal Zone app

The Fractal Zone

GitHub: Front-end/Back-end

The Fractal Zone is a pair project I developed with Summer Rizzo that houses a "Fractal Machine" which draws fractal trees to a canvas based on user parameters. Fractal design patterns can then be persisted to the gallery along with their parameters and a downloadable image.

My primary role in the project was to set up the PostgreSQL database and Ruby on Rails back-end for persisting user authentication and saved fractal designs. I also worked with my partner to build out the initial skeleton of the React front-end and initial CSS styling, then continued to refine, grow, and collaborate on both together.

I also worked on figuring out how to use web APIs to export an HTML5 canvas as an image, as well as persist it to our database as a dataURl for our gallery feature.

Built with:

  • React - Front-end framework
  • p5.js - JavaScript library for drawing interactive canvas on Front-end
  • Ruby on Rails - Back-end framework
  • PostgreSQL - Database
  • Custom CSS for styling

Screenshot of Portfolio site

Portfolio Site


This Portfolio Site itself is a personal project as well! I used developing it as an opportunity to learn and practice with Gatsby, a front-end framework that prioritizies performative and search engine optimized static websites.

I also used it as an opportunity to practice with different styling techniques and design ideas to create a simple, inviting and informative UX.

Built with:

  • GatsbyJS - Front-end framework based on React
  • Typography.js - Toolkit for building websites with interrelated styles for cohesive design
  • Custom CSS modules for further styling

Screenshot of Today app


GitHub: Front-end/Back-end

Today is a pair project I developed with Annie Liao. It is a modern, minimalist journaling application and mood tracker.

Users can create an account, write journal entries and save them to a private database, then view, update and delete their entries in a gallery.

Users can also see a graphical visualization of their overall mood trend over their previous journal entries, based off of what they selected when the entry was created.

The application's front-end was built entirely with vanilla JavaScript and HTML, in order to practice our fundamentals with the language and strengthen our knowledge of DOM manipulation.

Built with:

Website built with ❤️ using Gatsby Logo and React Logo