Sean Welsh Brown

Me at an art museum in Thailand

About me 💡

A native born New Yorker by way of Manhattan and current New Jerseyan. You could say I like the pizza and bagels around here enough to stick around. 🍕🥯

I've had a passion for technology and all things nerdy since I was first old enough to hold a Game Boy and tinker with MS-DOS on my dad's work laptop, and that love of software and gadgets has been the core of my identity ever since.

I've also maintained a love of the arts and humanities thanks to museum trips, musicals, and everything in-between while growing up. That love grew into pursuing a BFA from NYU (with a Minor in Web Programming and Applications, and a 12 year acting and voice-over career in NYC.

As an actor and narrator I've worked with some amazing clients, such as Audible, Scholastic, Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Nickelodeon, and many more.

Once I knew I was ready for a change, I decided that it was time to pursue my other lifelong love of technology and software. I attended Flatiron School for their Software Engineering program, spending an incredible 15 weeks learning everything I could about modern web development and programming fundamentals.

I've discovered an even deeper passion for programming and software development than ever before, and am continuing to learn new skills and chase my dream of bringing the arts, humanities, technology, and compassion together to make a difference in the world.

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